The Convener Court Kirking – 12th November 2023

Convener Court 2023 – 2024

The Convener Court consists of the four high office bearers from each Trade of The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, the Deacon Convener, the Late Deacon Convener, the Master of Trades Hospital and the Patron. The members of the court are elected into office each year.

At a Kirking service held at the Kirk of St Nicholas, the court were blessed in the presence of the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Burgesses, members of the trades and other dignitaries – a tradition stemming back to when the Hall was on Union Street (Trinity Centre). A celebratory lunch was held thereafter at Trinity Hall. …

Doors Open Day 2023

Trinity Hall were delighted to host a reception for some of the other venues who participated in Aberdeen Open Doors Day this year.

It was a good opportunity to learn more about their organisations, whilst giving them the opportunity to view Trinity Hall.

Many thanks to the members and staff who volunteered their time both on Open Doors Day and for the reception. …

Gorrod Trophy 2023

Congratulations to the Convener Court team who won the Gorrod Trophy on the 23rd of August at Aberdeen Indoor Bowling Club.

The Team consisted of the Deacon Convener Bruce Campbell, Patron Iain U Thomson, Master of Trades Hospital Elect Ian MacIntosh and Late Deacon Adam Byrne.

Well done to all the Trades who participated.

Public Access Defibrillator

We are delighted to have part funded this local Public Access Defibrillator, which is located just outside Clear Pharmacy on Holburn Street. In Partnership with Sainsbury N & Sons, Response Consultants UK Limited & Clear Pharmacy, we felt it prudent to help fund this life saving equipment in the local area.

Should you ever require it, dial 999 and ask the operator for an ambulance and the code to open the box. Everything you need is in the defib container, and it talks you through what to do. …

A National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication for His Majesty King Charles III

On the 5th of July 2023, we were honoured to have representatives of The Seven Incorporated Trades attend the Peoples Procession in Edinburgh for the Thanksgiving for the King.

Deacon Convener Bruce Campbell, Ex Deacon Convener and Boxmaster David N. Parkinson, Deacon Chris Watson, Deacon Alan Law, Deacon Martin Wiseman and Deacon Richard Leith were met by the Governor of Edinburgh Castle before processing down the Royal Mile to St Giles Cathedral for the service. …

Coastguard Awards

Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team are commended for their meritorious service, at Trinity Hall 20th April, 2023.

On the 12th August 2020, Coastguard Officers from Aberdeen attended the scene of a train derailment at Carmont, near Stonehaven. The HM Coastguard team provided vital support as part of a multi-agency effort utilising skills and equipment in an unusual environment.

Officers involved performed in an exemplary manor under extraordinary conditions upholding the greatest traditions of HM Coastguard. …

Tailors Quiz Night

On the 19th of May the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation hosted a Quiz night for members and guests of the Incorporated Trades. The evening was kindly sponsored by Fyfe Moir & Associates.

Quizmaster Steven J. Innes kept everyone entertained with member of the Hall, Deacon Alan Law on the DJ decks.

Winners were:

Quizzy Rascals …

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