TailorsArms-150x150The evolution of the trades has been exemplified by the tailors in the city of Aberdeen. Eminent names from the turn of the 15th century included Willelmus Blacberd and Willelmus Scissor, among the leaders in their chosen field.

The tailors first formed a trade association as part of their bid to prevent women from encroaching on their profession. In time the Aberdeen members changed their stance, making concessions in the 18th century to allow women to make some garments for the female market. It was the only association in Scotland to reach that compromise.

Modern manufacturing and retail patterns have transformed the tailor from necessity to luxury, but the trade in Aberdeen has adapted and through admission from a variety of sectors is integral to the vibrancy and diversity of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:



Gordon Maitland1963 Alexander Anderson1992 Philip Sainsbury 2010
Alan Sainsbury1966 David N. Parkinson1994 Richard Sainsbury 2010
Arthur F. George1983 Edwin Shaw1994 Alan Moir 2021
David A. Fowlie1984 Michael Allen1998 Ms. Josie Steed2022
Michael R. Morrice1988 Derek Simpson1998 Richard H. D. Cairney2023
Giancarlo T. Pia1988 Kevin Brown2005   
Ian T. Webster1988 Garry Thorpe2009   


Aberdeen Tailors welcome New Member

The Aberdeen Tailors Incorporation were delighted to welcome their newest member Mr Richard Cairney on the 19th of June 2023 after his essay piece was inspected and unanimously approved by the table.


Aberdeen Tailors Incorporation Afternoon Tea

On the afternoon of Sunday the 10th of September, members of the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation met at the Falls of Feugh Restaurant, just outside Banchory.

A great time was had by all with some delicious cakes and lovely company.

Ms Josie Steed – Burgess of Trade admission

At a ceremony held at the Town House on Wednesday the 14th of June in the presence of the Lord Provost, Deacon Convener and members of the Aberdeen City Council, our member Ms Josie Steed was admitted as a Burgess of Trade along with five other members.

Deacon Convener Bruce Campbell, Ms Josie Steed and Deacon Philip Sainsbury

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Tailors Quiz Night

On the 19th of May the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation hosted a Quiz night for members and guests of the Incorporated Trades. The evening was kindly sponsored by Fyfe Moir & Associates.

Quizmaster Steven J. Innes kept everyone entertained with member of the Hall, Deacon Alan Law on the DJ decks.

Winners were:

Quizzy Rascals …

Tailors Awards Winners 2023

The Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation were absolutely delighted to award joint winners Katie Prest and Mhiara MacKenzie their Certificates of Merit along with a cheque to be used for career enhancement purposes. Both students of Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen stated that the funding would be utilised to further their abilities with regard to cutting and tailoring.

All submissions were absolutely brilliant and innovative, including a piece based on Peterhead Prison Museum riot trousers!


Deacon Philip Sainsbury with the winners

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Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness

The Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation were delighted to donate £1070 to Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness. Funds were raised at their recent dinner dance
Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is a Community Interest Company which exists to work with local, hard to reach, communities to improve key health and fitness concerns, via education and employment. The communities selected are in areas of multiple deprivation where health and social inequalities are most pronounced.
Deacon Philip Sainsbury of the Tailors Incorporation
Laura Walker, CEO of Blueberry Wellness
David Hamilton, Brand Ambassador

Aberdeen Tailors Incorporation Election 2022

On the evening of the 28th of September 2022, an election meeting was held for the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation. New office bearers are as follows: Deacon Philip Sainsbury and Boxmaster David N Parkinson, First Master Ed Shaw and Late Deacon Richard Sainsbury.

We wish them best of luck with their terms in office.

Deacon Philip Sainsbury and Late Deacon Richard Sainsbury

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Tailors Riding of the Marches – 22nd August

On the 22nd of August 2022, after touring the city and reviewing the historic feu sites held by the Tailors Incorporation, the newest members of the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation, Mrs Josie Steed and Mr Alan Moir were douped at the soft stone near Trinity Cemetery.

Mr Alan Moir

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