BakersArms-150x150One of the oldest trades known to man, the Bakers have been at the heart of the Aberdeen business community throughout the existence of the Seven Incorporated Trades.

As one of the few professions to have stayed true to its original form, the trade is steeped in history and current members can trace their roots back through the generations as familiar family names remain prominent.

Quality control has always been a key to success in the trade, with each Aberdeen baker historically using a unique identifying stamp to mark their produce. Fines were meted out to those who used inferior flour or who failed to meet stringent regulations on weight – a mark of the attention to detail which is carried throughout all Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen to this day.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

G. Fraser Morrison1968 Norman Hutchison1994 Kevin Leiper 2013
Peter Morrison1968 Duncan Love1995 David Ross2013
Denis Low1978 Graeme Ross1995 Gary Leslie2015
J. George Ross1978 Andrew Leiper2000 Alan Leith2016
J. Clive Sangster1980 John Russell2000 Gregory Russell2017
Alistair A. Rait1984 Jonathan Kelly 2004 Tristan Ross2021
Alexander McKinnon1984 Michael Gillan 2004 David A. Ross2022
Iain W. L. Brown1987 John O’Dowd2007   
Cameron Ross1993 James Strathdee 2010   


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Bakers Term Tea – 20th May 2024

The Aberdeen Baker Incorporation owned two cemeteries – Nellfield (behind Trinity Hall) and Springbank. They also held the lands of Kincorth amongst other bits and pieces across the City.

“Feus” were once the most common form of land tenure in Scotland. The word “Feu” is the Scots variant of the word “Fee”. Feu duty would be paid to the Trades for land they possessed that other people would utilise. Essentially renting out land to people in the city and the Trades would determine who could use the land, for how long and under what conditions.

Term dates mark the divisions of the legal year in Scotland where contracts and leases would begin and end, servants would be hired or dismissed, and rent, interest on loans, and ministers’ stipends would become due.

Feus were abolished in Scotland many years ago however term dates and feu duty is still celebrated at the Hall, to remember the positive impact they had on the Trades. …

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Baking History

After the Aberdeen Baker Incorporation table meeting on the 15th of April, Ex Deacon Clive Sangster showed the equipment he used as a student at the Royal Technical College in Glasgow (now the University of Strathclyde) between 1951 and 1953. The equipment included piping nozzles used for cake decoration and a thermometer used for baking.

Ex Deacon Sangster was with Charles Murdoch Bakery in Rosemount for 45 years. He also started a cake company which he sold upon his retirement in 1992, now known as Celebration Cake Shop on Crown Street. …

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Aberdeen Baker Incorporation Dinner Dance

An amazing evening was had by all at the Baker Dinner Dance held on the 20th of January 2024. An incredible total of £3,122.50 was donated to Archway from funds raised on the evening which was generously matched by the Baker Incorporation.

A delicious 7 course meal was produced by our resident chef Richie Gavryluk, with music by Graham Geddes Music.

Photos were taken by Ken Taylor Photography

Bakers Dinner Dance 2024

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Aberdeen Baker Incorporation Weekend Away and New Member Outing

A rowie, a buttery or a roll? Its still up for debate!

A fantastic weekend was had by the Aberdeen Baker Incorporation for their annual break but also to welcome their newest member, Mr David Ross to the group.

The weekend was spent at the Fairmount St Andrews with two lovely dinners on the Friday and the Saturday night within the hotel. Saturday daytime members and guests enjoyed a visit to The R&A World Golf Museum, where golf skills were practised and a great lunch was had at the Niblick restaurant. On Sunday morning, some of the members played golf to finish up the weekend. …

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Coastguard Awards

Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team are commended for their meritorious service, at Trinity Hall 20th April, 2023.

On the 12th August 2020, Coastguard Officers from Aberdeen attended the scene of a train derailment at Carmont, near Stonehaven. The HM Coastguard team provided vital support as part of a multi-agency effort utilising skills and equipment in an unusual environment.

Officers involved performed in an exemplary manor under extraordinary conditions upholding the greatest traditions of HM Coastguard. …

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Aberdeen Baker Incorporation – Term Tea

Factor Duncan Love giving his Term Tea talk

Held on the 15th of May, this date holds historic value to the Trades and the Incorporated Trades as a whole…

In Scotland there are two legal terms, the 15th of May (Whitsunday) and the 11th of November (Martinmas). These dates mark the terms of the legal year in Scotland. They were historically used as the days when contracts and leases would begin and end, servants would be hired or dismissed, and rent, interest on loans, and ministers’ stipends would become due.

The terms have historically been significant for the Trades and Trinity Hall because Feu Duty used to be payable twice a year on these dates. The use of term days is now virtually obsolete, and any reference to them tends to be historical or ceremonial.

Feu Duty came to be a major source of income for those Trades who had sold land. Payment was collected on the term dates and historically when the Hall was on Union Street, there would be queues of people along the street waiting to enter the Hall and proceed to the relevant Trade table. These tables would be manned by the Deacon, Boxmaster, Factor (and perhaps a Clerk) and they would tick off all the payments to ensure that Feu Duty was fully paid. The Feu Duty lunch which is now an evening meal began as a means of providing a lunchtime break to those officials who were involved in collection of the duties.

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