7tradesThe Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen exists to:

    • Deliver on its historically grounded commitments to skills, people development and education;
    • The care and wellbeing of its members and their dependents;
    • Raise and disburse funds for the advancement of young persons living in the Aberdeen community;
    • Maintain and provide access to the historical artefacts of the trade crafts of Aberdeen.

It does this by:

  • Maintaining Trinity Hall and its contents in a manner which will ensure that the centuries of history and the related artefacts are kept secure for the future and are accessible to historians and researchers.
  • Sustaining the principles and practices upon which the Trades Guilds were founded and prospered, namely to:
    • ensure the maintenance and development of skills,
    • support the education of members children,
    • provide pensions for retired members,
    • support the widows of deceased members,
  • Working with educational establishments within the Aberdeen community to enable and encourage the development of appropriate education programmes and secure access to them for the benefit of skills development.
  • Using its influence and presence to extend its charitable activities into the Aberdeen community to assist in the development and care of, primarily, young persons.

January 2009

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