On the 14th September we at Trinity Hall took part in the Doors Open Day, an initiative arranged by Scottish Civic Trust which takes part throughout Scotland in September each year and is organised in Aberdeen by The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, The Aberdeen Civic Society and Aberdeen City Council.
We at Trinity Hall have been involved with this event for a number of years and are glad to open to the public as part of our outreach and awareness programme where we can provide tours to individuals who may not be aware of the history and importance of the Seven Incorporated Trades involvement in the history of the City of Aberdeen.

Tours of Trinity Hall can be lengthy, due to the displays of artefacts and items held, but on this occasion a brief overview of the organisation was presented, taking around 40 to 50 minutes.
From the viewpoint of senior office bearers this was a very successful day and we look forward in continuing to participating in future events.
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