Shoemakers welcome David A Ross into their Trade.

David RossOn Tuesday 27th August 2013 David Ross was accepted into the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation. David is a school friend of Deacon Brian Scott and Member David Suttie from Aberdeen Academy days.
David like many in the Trade is Oil and Gas work related serving as a Quality Assurance Consultant.
His wife Barbara is looking forward to the Social evenings held within Trinity Hall and meeting the wives and partners of the other 20 members.
David enjoys local history and now being part of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. David like those before him will not doubt be intrigued as to the involvement with both the City Council and Aberdeen University.
The photograph below shows David performing the traditional essay piece of cutting out from a sheet of leather the sections to form a brogue shoe. His Essay Team is carefully watching his work prior to reporting back to the other Trade members that his work was carried out by his own hand.

David Ross' essay piece
Members looking on are L to R First Master Alastair Graham, Boxmaster Mervyn Donald & Member Graeme Cursiter
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