Admission of City Burgesses

On the morning of the 16th December 2015, Bakers member Gary Leslie and Flesher Kenny Milne were admitted as burgesses of Trade at the start of the full council meeting at Aberdeen Towns House.  They were proposed for membership by Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson who was attending on behalf of the current Deacon Convener Sandy Mckinnon. Having met the requirements for admission and undertaking to pay the necessary dues to the Lord Provost they then accepted the responsibilities incumbent by law as a true and faithful of a City Burgess of the city of Aberdeen.


Baker Gary Leslie with Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson Flesher Kenny Milne with Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson

Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson picutred with both Baker Gary Leslie (left) and Flesher Kenny Milne (right)

Bakers welcome New Member

Gary5The Essay prescribed by the Aberdeen Baker Incorporation:

‘To take up the liquor and seasoning and mould six half loaves of good and well crusted bread, chaff and roll up one and one half dozen bath buns’

The bakery chosen was J.G. Ross Ltd of Inverurie.  The Oversman appointed was First Master Mike Gillan with Ex Deacons J. George Ross and John Russell as Essay Masters.

The Incorporation met after completion and inspection of the Essay, agreed it was ‘sufficient’ and Gary Leslie was admitted as a member.

Charity Donation- Archway

Archway April 2015On the 20 April 2015, Janine Davies of Archway a local Aberdeen based charity who support children and adults with learning disabilities was presented with a cheque by Norman Hutchison, Deacon of the Baker Incorporation and Andy Leiper, Boxmaster.

Bakers 2015 Election Dinner Dance

The annual Election of Office Bearers within the Aberdeen Baker’s Incorporation was held in October 2014 at Trinity Hall.

The newly elected Officers for 2014/2015 are:

• Deacon: Professor Norman E. Hutchison
• Boxmaster: Andrew Leiper
• First Master: Michael Gillan
• Late Deacon: Duncan Love
• Joint Trades Clerk & Assessors: Mr Craig Pike & Mr David Rose …

Bakers Grace

Each of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen have their own Grace, which is delivered extempore at the various Dinners and official occasions in the life of Trinity Hall.  The Bakers Grace is as follows:

Gracious and sufficient Father, we seek your continued blessing,
Through all ages you have sustained us by the grain of the land.
By that blessing may bakers prosper that all in life may flourish.
Now in strength, cheerfulness and friendship we seek your grace and blessing on the meal we share.
Amen …

Bakers admitted as Burgesses of Trades

On Wednesday 5th March 2014, Kevin Leiper and David Ross of the Bakers Incorporation were admitted as Burgesses of Trades at the Aberdeen City Council Meeting, completing their admission into their respective Trade Incorporation, which follows their earlier submission of their Essay pieces to the respective Trade. As Burgesses, the above gentlemen now have the appropriate rights and privileges and are eligible to vote on business matters as full members of their Trades.

Baker                         Baker Kevin Leiper with Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson

Pictured with Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson are David Ross (left) and Kevin Leiper (right)

Kevin Leiper joins the Bakers Incorporation

Kevin Leiper’s Essay 11th November 2013 with Ex Deacon J. George Ross and Ex Deacon Cameron Ross as Essay Masters and Ex Deacon John Russell as Oversman
Following the application for membership Kevin Leiper was set the traditional Essay by the Bakers Incorporation and this was carried out at the beginning of November.  At a meeting of the Bakers Incorporation later that day Mr Leiper was accepted into the membership of the Incorporation.


BakersArms-150x150One of the oldest trades known to man, the Bakers have been at the heart of the Aberdeen business community throughout the existence of the Seven Incorporated Trades.

As one of the few professions to have stayed true to its original form, the trade is steeped in history and current members can trace their roots back through the generations as familiar family names remain prominent.

Quality control has always been a key to success in the trade, with each Aberdeen baker historically using a unique identifying stamp to mark their produce. Fines were meted out to those who used inferior flour or who failed to meet stringent regulations on weight – a mark of the attention to detail which is carried throughout all Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen to this day.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

G. Fraser Morrison1968 Norman Hutchison1994  James Strathdee 2010
Peter Morrison1968 Duncan Love1995 Kevin Leiper2013
Denis Low1978 Graeme Ross1995 David Ross2013
J. George Ross1978 Andrew Leiper2000 Gary Leslie2015
J. Clive Sangster1980 John Russell2000 Alan Leith2016
Alistair A. Rait1984 Jonathan Kelly 2004 Gregory Russell2017
Alexander McKinnon1984 Michael Gillan 2004 Tristan Ross2021
Iain W. L. Brown1987 John O’Dowd2007 David A. Ross2022
Cameron Ross1993 Daniel Smith2010   


Cheque Presentation to Archway

Archway110313On the 11th March 2013, Janine Davies of local Aberdeen based charity who support children and adults with learning disabilities – ARCHWAY – is presented with a cheque by Duncan Love, Deacon of the Bakers Incorporation.

About Archway – Archway is an independent Aberdeen based charity offering a range of innovative community based services to improve the opportunities available and quality of life for people with learning disabilities in Aberdeen and throughout the North East area.

Bakers Evening Raises Funds

On 20th June 2011 of a cheque presentation was made to The Scottish Motor Neurone Association, after monies were raised at The Baker Incorporation charity evenings.
This particular charity was chosen in memory of Ex Deacon Robert Strathdee, who died from this illness.

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