RGU Architecture students map changing face of City Street

Bon Accord 1954Architecture students at Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen have brought the historical development of one of the city’s streets to life.

The Stage 3 students have been working with the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen to track the development of Bon Accord Crescent, using documents dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

The students have built up 3D images and models of the changing face of the street over the past 150 years, with the help of documents provided by the Seven Incorporated Trades.

Using urban design appraisal techniques to sift through the information showing various planning decisions on issues such as form, density, façade and skyline, the students then linked these elements to the historical background of how the neighbourhood transformed through decades.

They also used laser scanning to capture very detailed information about the current architecture in the street, technology that the university also employed during the recent Look Again Festival in Aberdeen.

David Parkinson, Late Deacon Convener of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, added: “One of the guiding principles of the Seven Incorporated Trades is to support education and this is a continuation of the legacies of apprenticeships that the trades used to carry on. I think this is an evolving process – it is the first stage of a long term project that we will be looking to develop going forward. We can provide the information but don’t necessarily have the expertise to collate that information into a form that can easily be read or interpreted and that is where the help of the students is invaluable.”

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