On Sunday the 11th August 2013we were honoured to host a visit from Roger Gifford, Lord Mayor of London, James North, Swordbearer and George Gillon, Chief Commoner.

A tour of Trinity Hall was given by Deacon Convener David N Parkinson and Ex Deacon Convener Graeme Nicol. In 2009 George Gillon spoke at Ex Deacon Convener Nicol’s Election Dinner, toasting the City of Aberdeen.

Once the tour had concluded the senior office bearers met with the Lord Mayor and his party for a buffet and drinks reception in the Minor Hall. The Deacon Convener presented each of the guests with a set of cuff links with the crest of the Convener Court and the Lord Mayor with a Gavel and Stand made by Boxmaster Alan Steele of the Wrights & Coopers Incorporation.

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