The Kilgour Medal award was conceived in 1986 as a means of the Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation engaging with and providing support to the students entering Grays School of Art to study textiles at degree level, the Incorporation would invite 2nd & 3rd year students who`s work had been selected by the course leaders to apply.  The Incorporation may award a monetary prize and the Kilgour Medal to the student deemed to have met the standard required for this award.  A runner-up certificate and award may also be presented.

Our assessment of each submission is judged in two parts:

    • Part One:  A written submission to a maximum of 250 words describing the design concept and what further developments and proposed applications are being considered for the end use of the design.  A brief description of how the monetary award will be used to further enhance the student`s studies through travel or the purchase of equipment or specialist yarns for the development of the student`s 4th year studies and presentation of their final year portfolio.
    • Part Two:  The written part must be supported by a portfolio of work, this work will be assessed on the level of skills achieved in sample construction and for the overall development of the portfolio and quality presented.

2014 was the twenty seventh year that the Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation had presented this award.  The 2014 winner of the Kilgour Medal was Michelle Hay, with Rebecca Shaw as runner up.

The 2015 Doors Open Day, on Saturday 12th September, will provide a chance to see the portfolio submissions from the latest winners of this award.

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