Ladies are highly important to the successful running of Trinity Hall. The thought of a Dinner Dance without ladies is unimaginable, and many other social functions would be diminished in their absence, but they also work hard in support of the members, being actively involved particularly in the annual Children’s Christmas Party and in various charity fund raising events.
In recognition of and thanks for all this help the ladies are honoured at the annual Ladies Day Tea, attended by members, their spouses and partners, and friends. Most Trades also take the opportunity to invite widows of former members, regarding it as highly important to maintain links with the widows.
The 2014 Tea was particularly well attended by 135 members and guests, who enjoyed a traditional Christmas meal of Scotch Broth, Turkey and Ham, and Trifle. The toast to “The Ladies” was proposed by Master of Trades Hospital, George Esson. In her reply on behalf of the ladies his wife, Mrs Lindsey Esson, reflected on the flowers which should be in a Trinity Hall bouquet -– the twin flower (Linnaea Borealis) to note the remarkable coincidence that the Late Deacon Convener is a twin, the Deacon Convener and his wife are both twins, and Lindsey herself is a twin; the corn marigold, represented in the arms of Dr William Guild, first Patron of the Seven Incorporated Trades, the 17th century Scots name for which was “guild”; and two flowers represented extensively in the 19th century windows which adorn the Major Hall, the daisy Bellis Perennis, and flax.
After the meal and toast those present enjoyed a magnificent musical performance from pupils at Albyn School, featuring the school Ensemble and Capriccio, a group of senior girls, who, under the direction of the Head of Music, Mr Owen Somerville, gave a varied performance ranging from songs marking the centenary of the start of the First World War to Christmas songs, and in styles varying from medieval liturgy “Sanctus” to “Boogie Woogie Bugler Boy of Company B”. The contribution of these talented young people was enthusiastically received.

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