VSA/BakersAt their meeting on 10 February, Deacon Duncan Love, Deacon of the Bakers Incorporation gave a cheque to Elaine Michael of VSA representing a sum raised at the Bakers’ Annual Dinner Dance in January. The Charity supported this year was Friends For Life which is run by VSA.

Friends for Life, the only service of its kind in Aberdeen, is an informal weekly youth club for children with additional support needs who would find it difficult, if not impossible, to integrate into mainstream clubs. Four clubs support 80 children at one time. Elaine Michael, who is the day care manager, runs the Friends for Life club.
She said: “We create special lifelong bonds between like-minded children. But to add this bit of sparkle to their lives and cover the running costs of the clubs, £50,000 per year is required, entirely from trusts, grants and fundraising. Money raised helps us get children involved in activities they may miss out on in mainstream clubs.”

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