Convener Court 2023 – 2024

The Convener Court consists of the four high office bearers from each Trade of The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, the Deacon Convener, the Late Deacon Convener, the Master of Trades Hospital and the Patron. The members of the court are elected into office each year.

At a Kirking service held at the Kirk of St Nicholas, the court were blessed in the presence of the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Burgesses, members of the trades and other dignitaries – a tradition stemming back to when the Hall was on Union Street (Trinity Centre). A celebratory lunch was held thereafter at Trinity Hall.

Congratulations to all new and continuing office bearers


Patron Iain Thomson

Deacon Convener Andy Leiper

Late Deacon Convener Bruce Campbell

Master of Trades Hospital Ian A. MacIntosh



Deacon Ken Scott

Late Deacon Alan Law

Boxmaster Grant Simpson

First Master Greig Morrison



Deacon James Strathdee

Late Deacon David Ross

Boxmaster Kevin Leiper

First Master Tristan Ross


Wrights & Coopers:

Deacon George McLeod

Late Deacon Graeme Thomson

Boxmaster Mike Rennie

First Master Bill Beattie



Deacon Philip Sainsbury

Late Deacon Richard Sainsbury

Boxmaster David N Parkinson

First Master Ed Shaw



Deacon Chris Watson

Late Deacon Brian Donald

Boxmaster Barney Crockett

First Master Graham Findlay



Deacon Martin Wiseman

Late Deacon Adam Byrne

Boxmaster Neil Armour

First Master Peter Murray



Deacon Kenny Milne

Late Deacon Richard Leith

Boxmaster Neil Montgomery

First Master Philip Whyte


Conveners Officer: Ex Deacon John Russell

Clerk & Assessor: Mr Craig Pike


Convener Court Kirking 2023

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