Rev Dr Patrick Sibbald’s portrait displayed

Left Ex Deacon Tom Ironside, Chairman of the Artefacts Committee Right Neil Curtis MA MLitt AMA FSA Scot, Head of Museums, University of Aberdeen
Left to right: Ex Deacon Tom Ironside and Neil Curtis

Following a review of the portraits, after the hanging last year of the portrait of our current Patron Rev Iain Thomson, it was noted that we were missing a number of portraits of our earlier Patrons. During investigation by a member researching the Patrons of the Incorporated Trades, one of the four missing portraits, Dr Patrick Sibbald, was discovered in the collection of the University of Aberdeen.

This led to discussions with Neil Curtis, Head of Museums at the University, who arranged to have the portrait photographed, in order that the Artefacts Committee could consider having a high quality photographic reproduction of the portrait displayed in Trinity Hall.

At the Convener Court Dinner held last year in Trinity Hall, Ex Deacon Convener Parkinson was discussing the subject with Prof Sir Ian Diamond, Principal of the University of Aberdeen. An offer was made to possibly loan the original to the Incorporated Trades for display within Trinity Hall providing it was not already on display at the University. To formalise this we were asked to write to the University requesting a long term loan of the portrait from their collection, which was agreed.

Following discussions between Neil Curtis and Tom Ironside, the chairman of the Trinity Hall Artefacts Committee, a suitable position was selected and the hanging of the portrait was completed on the 9th February 2015 with Dr Patrick Sibbald (3rd Patron), now on display in the Minor Hall.

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