StLAZ DINNERTrinity Hall hosted the first Dinner of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, North-East section in the Minor hall on the 28th September 2013. The evening was very successful with members of the order and guest enjoying a dinner followed by a presentation by Prof Mike Ross.

David Parkinson, of the Seven Incorporated Trades gave Prof Ross a short tour of the Hall prior to a brief presentation on the history of the Incorporated Trades to the guest, who were then piped through to dinner by one of the Orders members, Gordon Casely.

Albert Thomson one of the members also gave a presentation on heraldry. After the event he commented, “Our guests who visited the hall for the first time were most impressed with the venue, the quality of the meal and the exceptional standard of service throughout the evening”.

Photograph shows Prof Mike Ross – Main Speaker of the Evening, Duncan Cameron and Deacon Convener David N Parkinson.

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