Trinity Hall was the venue for a multiple event on Wednesday 1st May 2019 under the auspices of the National Karate Institute. Organised by Ronnie Watt OBE, ORS, the guest speaker was American born Professor Will Reed from the Yamanashi University in Japan.

Before the seminar, a Scottish Samurai Awards ceremony was held, with nine recipients including Deacon Convener Mervyn Donald and his wife Margaret receiving Shogun awards for their work in the community.

The award ceremony was conducted in the presence of a replica Samurai suit of Armour which was presented to Ronnie Watt by Professor Reed. Thereafter Albert Thomson of the Shoemakers’ Incorporation provided a conducted tour of Trinity Hall for the award winners.

As the tour was taking place, Professor Reed held his seminar on Aikido and Budo. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed as a synthesis of martial studies, philosophy and religious beliefs. Professor Reid, an 8th Dan, provided a fascination talk on Aikido and Budo which is basically the Chivalry of Japanese martial arts.

Following from the Aikido presentation the members of the National Karate Institute held a training session of Shotokan karate while Albert Thomson conducted another tour of Trinity Hall for those not taking part.

Following the final session of the evening, Professor Reed was given a conducted tour of the building and was impressed and fascinated by artefacts and history of the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.

Note: During his visit, Professor Reed spoke to groups at the Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh, the University of Aberdeen and the Town House, the subject being Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo). Professor Reed was awarded the top prize for his work in Japan being graded 10th Dan in Shodo. This is the highest grade for the art and quite incredible for a foreigner to achieve this level in Japanese calligraphy.


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