At the beginning of July 2013 the senior office-bearers of the Incorporated Trades were privileged to take part in the Graduation ceremonies at the University of Aberdeen. In the past the Deacon Convener was invited to be part of the platform party and in 2012 Deacon Convener George Ross asked the members of Dr Guilds Managers (the Deacons of the Seven Individual Trades) to assist him and the Master of Trades Hospital in attending to help spread the load. This has been extending to include our Patron (Rev Iain Thomson).
Along with the Deacon Convener a number of the Deacons, the Patron, the Late Deacon Convener and an Ex Deacon Convener attended therefore covering all the Graduation ceremonies.

Our links with the University through our First Patron Dr William Guild are very important to us as organisation continuing our historic partnership.




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