Mr Gavin Pavey, CEO of SCAA and Deacon Convener, David N Parkinson

On 30th April 2014, around 75 Members and Guests enjoyed a talk by Mr Gavin Davey, Chief executive of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, following a tea in the Major Hall.  Based in Perth, Mr Davey explained the charitable work  strategy review, charity governance, estates, grant-making, finance and HR policy and procedures involved in running such an organisation since its launch on 22nd May 2013.  The base at Perth Airport is well positioned geographically to reach 90% of Scotland’s population within 25 minutes and can also reach some of Scotland’s remotest areas within a 15 to 30 minute timeframe and fly time-critical emergencies across Scotland.

A question and answer session was held at the end of the presentation with Mr Davey explaining and expanding on various points of his presentation.

The Deacon Convener, in his thanks, summed up the support required in keeping such an organisation running and further information can be found on the charity pages of the SCAA website.

The evening was arranged by Master of Trades Hospital Sandy McKinnon who had asked Mr Davey to speak at the tea

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