3rd April 2018

At the Aberdeen Tailors Incorporation annual dinner and dance at the beginning of December 2017 a prize draw was held and members chose to donate the proceeds to Grampian Deaf Children’s Society (GDCS).

GDCS is a local registered charity, affiliated to NDCS, who provide information, support and advice on all aspects of childhood deafness to the families of deaf children.

The society holds events for children with hearing problems who normally attend with their siblings and parents.  However one group meets regularly without parental attendance – a group of teenagers under the guidance of Robert, who has been with the society since he was a child.  The teenage years are difficult enough but deafness and other hearing disorders can also be very isolating.  It is hoped that this group helps promote social skills within the peer group and encourages active participation in social events.

At a get together at Seaton Park, the teenagers participated in a Segway tuition fun day.

A cheque was presented to Vanessa Ross, treasurer of Grampian Deaf Children’s Society, by ex-Deacon of the Tailors Incorporation, David Parkinson.

Vanessa stressed that the funds donated would benefit all deaf children, with a wide range of hearing impairments, from mild to profound, those with hearing aids, those with cochlear implants and those with temporary deafness.


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