The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen

The Trades Widows Fund Charity

Charities Across the North East are to receive a share of a £35,000 donation as part of a recently registered charitable organisation. Established in 2015, The Trades Widows Fund Charity is repeating the generous donation again this year in time for Christmas. The main focus of the gift is to donate capital to charities that will benefit children in the local area.

Cheques will be presented to the various charities representatives at Trinity Hall, Holburn street, on the 20th of December.

Charities that are to benefit from the donation include Charlie House, Wooden Spoon Scotland, Down Syndrome Scotland, Me Too!, Northsound Cash for Kids, Community Food Initiatives North East and SensationALL.


Trustees of The Trades Widows Fund Charity; Factor Brian Donald, Master of Trades Hospital Bruce Campbell, Dr George Stevenson, Mr Philip Rowson, Mr C.A.S Duncan,Mr Gordon Main, Mr Alastair Hunter, Mr Richard Leith, Mr Alan Sainsbury, Mr Daniel Smith.

Charity Representatives; Donna Deans of Charlie House, Duncan Ord of Down Syndrome Scotland, Phionna McInnes of Me Too!, Michelle Ferguson of Northsound Cash for Kids, David Simmers of Community Food Initiatives North East, Susan Strachan of SensationALL.

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