Following our visit we went to Loanhead Terrace/Watson Lane where one of our March Stones still remain marking where our lands lay. Tradition is that new members are douped onto the stone. Today’s Health & Safety environment we carried out our dynamic risk assessment in that we covered the stone with tissue to prevent any cross contamination of materials onto our members clothes. Each member had already attended a manual handling course and this is probably the only occasion where members are physically man handled. Care was taken when placing Alastair’s behind onto the stone not to cause injury. No doubt in the past new members was not given the same care and attention as Alastair received. After the douping we returned to the Hall and celebrated with the usual first class meal served in the Hall.
Pictured from L to R Boxmaster Mervyn Donald, Chris Watson, Gordon McKay, Lewis Stuart, Deacon Brian Scott, Alastair Graham & Late Deacon Brian Donald

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