Rev. Walter Gordon
  • 1928 – He graduated MA.
  • 1931 – followed by BD.
  • 1934 – He then went to New York where he attained a Masters degree and was ordained.
  • After serving in central Scotland, during which time he was Moderator of Linlithgow and Falkirk Presbyteries, he moved to Aberdeen to become minister of East and Belmont Church. This congregation merged with that of the South Church to become the united congregation of St Marks where he remained as its minister until he retired.
  • Moderator of Aberdeen Presbytery.
  • A member of the Board of Robert Gordon’s College for 20 years.
  • 1972 – At a meeting of the Convener Court on 4th October, Ex Deacon Convener Strachan, seconded by Deacon Hudson, it was agreed that Rev. Walter Gordon, Minister of East and Belmont Church, be invited to succeed the Rev Dr Anderson Nicol as Patron.
  • 1972 – At a subsequent meeting of the Convener Court on 19th October, Deacon Convener Murray, reported that Rev. Walter Gordon had accepted the invitation to be Patron.
  • 1974 – After his retiral in 1974 he was in great demand for providing pulpit supply and was of immense assistance to congregations during vacancies. At the Langstane Kirk where the vacancy was prolonged he endeared himself to the congregation so much that the members were sorry not to be able to appoint him as their permanent minister.
  • 1984 – At a meeting of the Convener Court on 1st August, Deacon Convener Winston Hunter, read a letter from the Patron.“Dear Deacon Convener, after much careful thought I have decided the time has come for me to relinquish my office as Patron of the Seven Incorporated Trades and now ask you to accept my resignation. I do so with mixed feelings……and recognise the time has come for me to step down and make way for a younger man……….. I shall treasure many memories of Trinity Hall for the rest of my days”.The Court accepted the Rev Gordon’s resignation with deep regret. The Deacon Convener paid tribute to the many attributes brought to the office of Patron by Mr Gordon…. And it was agreed that the service of the Patron to the Seven Incorporated Trades should be marked by a formal celebration at a future date. It was agreed that with regard to the appointment of a successor, to deal with this matter at the Convener Court meeting to be held in October 1984. It was agreed that Deacon Convener Winston J Hunter write to Rev Gordon, thanking him for his time served as Patron.
  • 1984 – Died.   In his obituary The Rev Hadyn Wainwright paid this tribute to his long-time friend: ”There is only one thing to say about Walter Gordon – he was God’s man and was a good man.
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