Rev Dr William Guild
  • 1586  – Born in Aberdeen, the son of an armourer, Mathew Guild,
  • 1605 – He was educated at Marischal College (M.A. 1605).
  • 1608 – He was ordained as the Minister of King Edward parish in Aberdeenshire and served there until 1631.
  • 1610 – Married Kathleen Rolland, daughter of John Rolland of Disblair
  • 1617 – He involved himself with church and national politics, speaking against the ‘Five Articles of Perth’ and met King James VI during his visit to Edinburgh.
  • 1631 – He moved to Aberdeen  and was minister at East St Nicholas church.
  • 1632 – He purchased the old monastery of the Red Friars of the Holy Trinity and gifted this in 1633 to the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen as a meeting house and Hospital.
  • 1633 – He was appointed the first Patron of the Incorporated Trades at that time.
  • 1634 – Chaplin to King Charles 1
  • 1634 – Doctor of Divinity
  • 1638 – Brief exile in Holland
  • 1640 – He was invited to serve as Principal of King’s College, Aberdeen and occupied this position until ousted by Oliver Cromwell’s administration in 1651.
  • 1640 – Rector of King’s College until 1645
  • 1651 – Dismissed by Cromwell’s Military commission
  • 1657 – He died in Aberdeen on the 26th July 1657 and left various benefactions to the city. Guild Street in Aberdeen is named in his honour, as is the William Guild Building which is home to the University of Aberdeen’s Psychology department.
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