Court Office Bearers:

Patron: Rev Iain U Thomson

Deacon Convener: George M Esson

Master of Trades Hospital: Mervyn R Donald

Late Deacon Convener:Alexander C Mckinnon


Deacon: Graeme Duncan

Boxmaster: Edward Day

First Master: Alan Law

Late Deacon: Rennie Rushston



Deacon: Andrew Leiper

Boxmaster: Michael Gillan

First Master:

Late Deacon: Norman E Hutchison

Wrights & Coopers

Deacon: Alan Steele

Boxmaster: Graeme Thomson

First Master: Kevin W Bowie

Late Deacon: Mark A Constable


Deacon: Michael Morrice

Boxmaster: Michael Allen

First Master: Derek Simpson

Late Deacon: Ian T Webster


Deacon: Alastair D Hunter

Boxmaster: Graeme R Cursiter

First Master:

Late Deacon: Mervyn R Donald


Deacon: Ian L Dale

Boxmaster: George C C Henderson

First Master: Martin Wiseman

Late Deacon: David N K Henderson


Deacon: Malcohm Hetherington

Boxmaster: Andrew J Paxton

First Master: Richard Leith

Late Deacon:Ian A MacIntosh

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