Convener Court 2002-2003

Convener Court Office Bearers:

Patron: Very Rev Prof Alan Main

Deacon Convener: Ronald M Chalmers 

Master of Trades Hospital: William Bruce

Late Deacon Covener: Ronald Taylor


Deacon: Leslie Fraser

Boxmaster: Frank E. Cook

First Master: George W Craig

Late Deacon: William M Glennie


Deacon: Ian W L Brown

Boxmaster: Robert G Strathdee

First Master: Alexander Mckinnon

Late Deacon: Douglas F Robb

Wrights & Coopers

Deacon: W Allan Duncan

Boxmaster: Robert W G Strathdee

First Master: Richard Harrison

Late Deacon: Tom S Ironside


Deacon: Edwin Shaw

Boxmaster: David N Parkinson

First Master: Michael Allen

Late Deacon: Michael Morrice


Deacon: George D Bruce

Boxmaster: John M Bruce

First Master: Christopher E M Watson

Late Deacon: David C Leslie


Deacon: Ian Thomson

Boxmaster: Stuart A Leech

First Master: Ian L Dale

Late Deacon: Alexander Wiseman


Deacon: E Craig Matheson

Boxmaster: Edward Martin

First Master: Ian Thomson

Late Deacon: Alistair Ross

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