Clerk George W.S. Walker 1901

Clerk Adam 1934

  • 1866 – Born 24th October in Aberdeen, Son of Alexander Walker, tobacconist and commission agent, Aberdeen, and Helen Stewart.
  • 1876 – 82 – Educated at Aberdeen Grammar School
  • Apprenticed to William Gordon, advocate.
  • Assistant to Town Clerk, Aberdeen, till 1892
  • 1892 – Joined Adam, Thomson & Ross, advocates, as assistant, being assumed as a partner in that firm in 1902
  • 1897 – Married Isabella in Aberdeen on 3rd August.
  • 1901 – At a meeting of the Convener Court  of the Seven Incorporated Trades on 9th July, there had been submitted 21 separate applications for the position of Joint Trades Clerk and Assessor in succession to John Thomson who had died earlier in the year. The decision regarding appointment of a new Clerk was deferred until 9 August 1901.
  • 1901 – At a meeting of the Convener Court on 9th August,  a vote was taken by ballot upon the applications submitted. After various successive votes reducing after each vote, the number of candidates, a final vote was taken between Mr Alexander Troup and Mr George W Walker, where Mr Walker was successful by two votes.
  • 1931 – 33 – Treasurer of The Society of Advocates
  • 1934 – Died on 13th March.

At a meeting of the Convener Court 30th March 1934, Convener Ducat referred to the loss of George WS Walker, Advocate who had been for thirty two and a half years Joint Trades Clerk and Assessor. On the motion of the Convener the Court unanimously resolved to place on record an expression of the high regard and esteem for Mr Walker by the Convener Court and members of the respective Trades. His death removed from Trinity Hall, a man of fine character who was the friend of all connected with it.

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