• Son of John Morrice, baker, Aberdeen, and Margaret Kennedy.
  • 1756 – 58 – Educated Alumnus, Marischal College.
  • Apprenticed to Gilbert Gerard
  • 1756 – Joint Trades Clerk to the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.
  • 1784 – 88 – Fiars Juror
  • 1787 – Admitted as Guild Burgess of Aberdeen on 12th May
  • Traded for sometime “as a merchant and dealer in victual.”
  • It was noted in the minutes of 30 May 1795 that following the death of Mr David Morice , his joint Clerk Thomas Duncan intimated his resignation as Clerk and therefore the position of joint Clerks and Assessors would have to be filled. The resignation was accepted by the convener Court and a Clerk pro tempore be appointed in order that the appointment of new Clerks could be carried out. Dr Arthur Dingwall Fordyce was appointed to this position.
  • 1795 – Died, unmarried, at Kincardine O’Nei
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