For centuries the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen have taken a pride in shaping the development and wellbeing of the city. It is a custom that continues to this day.

The business organisation founded by Aberdeen Hammermen, Bakers. Wrights & Coopers, Tailors, Shoemakers, Weavers and Fleshers in 1587, but having its roots stretching back to the 11th Century, has handed over £22,050 to 13 charities, the proceeds from fundraising in the past year.

Beneficiaries include Befriend a Child, Aberdeen Maternity Special Nursery, Archway and the new Aberdeen University Development Trust’s new library fund. Money has also gone to Cystic Fibrosis research, Famine Relief for Malawi (Scotland), Diabetes UK, Calico, Caledonia Trust and the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

Deacon Convener Graeme Nicol said: “We are delighted to award this sum of money to deserving organisations which make a difference, whether it is on a local, national or global scale. In keeping with our historic past we support charities that help children and those preparing to begin their working lives. These donations were made possible through various fundraising events that were held over the past year by individual Trades and the organisation as a whole, and we are very proud of the enthusiasm and generosity demonstrated by our members. As a historic craft based organisation which has been significant in the history of Aberdeen, we pride ourselves on being able to provide financial support to those who make a positive difference to communities”

The origin of the Even Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen is believed to stem from the 11th or 12th century when craftsmen grouped together to strengthen their say on matters in their own town. In 1587, seven of the trades pooled their efforts and resources to form a highly influential movement. Historic artefacts belonging to the trades are held in Trinity Hall, Holburn Street, and form one of the most significant collections of its kind in Europe.

The full story was featured in The Press & Journal.

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