Shoemakers Summer Ball

On the 25th of June 2022, the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation celebrated their summer ball. Over £2000 was raised for the charity “Mental Health Aberdeen”.  The evening consisted of a 5 course meal, piano by Jack Rathbone and after dinner entertainment by Graham Geddes Music. A great time was had by all.

Shoemakers Summer Ball

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Shoemakers Annual Riding of the Marches – 21st June 2022

On Summer Solstice, The Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation held the annual riding of the Marches – an ancient tradition of the Trade. They Visited Aberdeen Football Club and were kindly given an excellent tour by Allan McKimmie.

The Trade then headed to Watson Lane next to Rosemount Place to ‘doup’  their new members David Ross, Sarah Machray, Mark Campbell and Graham Findlay on the March stone.

Douping is the traditional method of ‘introducing’ new members to the Shoemakers Trade.

In old Scots the “doup” is the bottom of anything, including the buttocks. Annually, the Shoemakers Incorporation ‘rode’ the marches or visited the property and land they owned. If a new member was present, he was douped on one of the march stones. The method being that he was lifted by the other members and placed three times on his doup on the stone.


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Ex Deacon Donald Law – 70 Year Anniversary as a Member 12th June 2021

Ex Deacon Donald Law recently celebrated an amazing 70 years as a member of the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation and of The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen and is our longest standing member – ever!  What an incredible amount of time and a wonderful achievement.

Deacon Brian Donald presented Ex Deacon Donald Law with 12 bottles of wine (although only 1 in the photo!)

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Company of Cordwainers of York’s Charter Weekend

Photograph of the attendees of Company of Cordwainers of York's Charter WeekendThe Deacon Convenor and Deacon of The Aberdeen Hammermen Incorporation were delighted to attend the Company of Cordwainers of York’s Charter Weekend. The tour of York Minster was magnificent and Mike the Tour Guide was very knowledgeable. The Annual Livery Dinner in the fantastic Merchant Adventurers Hall, was excellent and pleased to celebrate the election of their new Master, Mrs Anne Reid MBE. …

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Admissions of Burgess of Trade

On the 5th March 2018 at a meeting of the commencement of a full council meeting at Aberdeen’s Towns House, Graeme Cheyne and Iain Hunter of the Shoemakers Incorporation and Peter Murray of the Weavers Incorporation were admitted as Burgesses of Trade.  In the absence of the Deacon Convener George Esson, Ex Deacon Convener David N Parkinson proposed all for full membership.  Having met the requirements laid down and paid the appropriate dues to the Lord Provost they confirmed to abide by the rules and responsibilities of a city Burgess.

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