Bakers Term Tea – 20th May 2024

The Aberdeen Baker Incorporation owned two cemeteries – Nellfield (behind Trinity Hall) and Springbank. They also held the lands of Kincorth amongst other bits and pieces across the City.

“Feus” were once the most common form of land tenure in Scotland. The word “Feu” is the Scots variant of the word “Fee”. Feu duty would be paid to the Trades for land they possessed that other people would utilise. Essentially renting out land to people in the city and the Trades would determine who could use the land, for how long and under what conditions.

Term dates mark the divisions of the legal year in Scotland where contracts and leases would begin and end, servants would be hired or dismissed, and rent, interest on loans, and ministers’ stipends would become due.

Feus were abolished in Scotland many years ago however term dates and feu duty is still celebrated at the Hall, to remember the positive impact they had on the Trades. …

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Tailors Annual Quiz 2024

An evening of laughs and being quizzed on our knowledge (or lack of in some cases!)

Over £1500 was raised towards the Tailors Awards which is an award scheme supporting students of Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen. There are submissions which are judged by a panel of Tailors and a monetary award is given to both the winner and runner up to help them on their way to achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Thanks to compere Steven J Innes, quiz writer Alan Moir, markers Deacon Philip Sainsbury and Ex Deacon Richard Sainsbury, our resident DJ Late Deacon Alan Law and Boxmaster David N Parkinson for organising the quiz.

Thank you to  to Fyfe Moir & Associates for sponsoring the quiz.

Tailors Quiz Night

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DEFIB/CPR Training Evening

We were delighted to have St John Scotland at the Hall for DEFIB and CPR training on the 22nd of April 2024. A very informative and enjoyable evening.

Last year The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, Sainsbury & Sons, Clear Pharmacy (Holburn St) & Response Consultants UK Limited joined together to purchase a community defibrillator which is located outside Clear Pharmacy.

A big thank you to St John Scotland for our training.

DEFIB/CPR Training

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Irvine Incorporated Trades – 47th Commemorative Royal Burgh Ball

The Deacon Convener Andy Leiper, Master of Trades Hospital Ian A. MacIntosh and Ex Deacon Convener David N. Parkinson were delighted to be invited along to the Irvine Incorporated Trades 47th Commemorative Royal Burgh Ball  the 20th of April 2024.

The Irvine Trades were granted their Seal of Cause by the Royal Burgh of Irvine in 1646 but have existed for many years prior to this. The Seven Trades are: Hammermen, Weavers, Tailors, Cordiners, Skinners, Wrights and Squaremen and Coopers. …

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Baking History

After the Aberdeen Baker Incorporation table meeting on the 15th of April, Ex Deacon Clive Sangster showed the equipment he used as a student at the Royal Technical College in Glasgow (now the University of Strathclyde) between 1951 and 1953. The equipment included piping nozzles used for cake decoration and a thermometer used for baking.

Ex Deacon Sangster was with Charles Murdoch Bakery in Rosemount for 45 years. He also started a cake company which he sold upon his retirement in 1992, now known as Celebration Cake Shop on Crown Street. …

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Shoemakers Donation

The Deacon and Boxmaster of the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation were delighted to present Janine, Fundraising Manager from Archway with £1,562.50 for the charity.

Archway was founded in Aberdeen in 1986 by a group of parents of children with learning disabilities who were looking for respite. 30 years later they are still going strong and supporting so many people across the North East.

Pictured: Deacon Chris Watson, Janine Davies – Fundraising Manager and Boxmaster Barney Crockett

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Shoemakers donate to Calico

Representatives from the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation were delighted to welcome Magnus and Karen from Calico – Cancer and Leukaemia in Children Orientated and present them with their £1,562.50 donation.

Well done to the Shoemakers for the donation to this great charity.


Pictured in front of the Shoemakers stained glass window: Boxmaster Barney Crockett, Chairman Magnus Harcus (CALICO) and Ex Deacon Brian Scott

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Parkinson’s UK in Scotland – Aberdeen Branch

Aberdeen Fleshers Incorporation were delighted to donate an amazing £3,210.00 to the Parkinson’s UK Aberdeen Branch. Chair Barbara Webster came to Trinity Hall to be presented with the donation.

For the Aberdeen Branch, group meetings are regular where there is the opportunity to chat, get mutual support, socialise and relax, with a cup of tea or slice of cake in hand. There is also the opportunity to partake in activities. …

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Weavers Incorporation New Member

The Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation were absolutely delighted to welcome their newest member, Dr Lynne Hocking on the 8th of April 2024.

Dr Hocking is an accomplished Weaver and formerly an academic scientist.

Dr Hockings Essay piece (a work of completed true to the craft) was based on genetics and genomics and therefore the design woven into the piece, was the physical form of her own DNA.

Congratulations to Dr Hocking.


Dr Lynne Hocking

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Shoemakers Dinner Dance – 17th February 2024

An amazing £3125.00 was raised at the recent Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation Dinner dance for donation to Archway and Calico – Cancer and Leukaemia in Children Oriented.

A great time was held by all with entertainment by Mustang which kept the dance floor busy all evening! Wonderful food was provided by our resident chef Richie Gavryluk. …

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