WeaversArms-150x150The Weavers, incorporated before 1222, belong to the oldest tradesman’s guild within the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen and were at the centre of commercial life in the burgh from those early days.

With a distinctive crest featuring the weaver’s shuttle, the craft forged an identity within the trades and together with the fullers – or dyers and listers – embraced the organisation’s principles. With strict regulation from authorities on the quality and price of members’ work, the standards of the Aberdeen weavers seldom wavered and were upheld by dedicated members.

Encroachments from tradesmen in neighbouring areas were frequently fought off through the promotion of the ethos which has served the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen for centuries.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

Ian W. Logan1974 Frank J. Coutts1993 Adam P. Byrne2010
Alan E. Morrice1974 Alistair F. M. Hutcheson1993 George C. C. Henderson2010
Graeme D. Nicol1978 Christopher D. MacBride1994 Neil A. Armour2014
Ronald Taylor1978 Ian Thomson1994 Peter Murray2017
Andrew Anderson1988 Ian L. Dale1996 Ms. Elaine Gowans2022
Alexander Wiseman1989 Stuart D. MacBride1998   
George M. Esson1991 Martin B. Wiseman2003   
Stuart C. MacBride1991 David N. K. Henderson2004   

Career Enhancement Award – J Gray Kilgour Medal

The J Kilgour medal was presented to the Trades by a former Deacon whose family business Kilgour & Walker was synonymous with the Weaving industry in Aberdeen.  Kilgore and Walker started trading in the 1800s and continued through until the 1950s with sites throughout the city, the main factory being in Berryden Road, Aberdeen.  The company specialised in providing items of clothing and gloves for the Fishing, Farming and Granite industry.   Mr Kilgour was especially keen to promote apprenticeships in his industry and develop working skills.
The Career Enhancement Award has been awarded, along with a bursary,  since 1997, with the addition of the J Gray Kilgour medal in 2002.

Sarah Marie Potter1998 Anna Thom2010
Angela Buchan1999 Matt Russell2011
Morag Mitchell2000 Matt Russell2012
Eva Oxberry2001 Karen Runthal2013
Nadia Ainsue2002 Michelle Hay2014
Mark Chitty2003 Joanna O’Brien2015
Alison Whewell2004 Kirsty Brownlee2016
Ritta Nikkonen2005 Katrina Lindsay2017 
Jenny Lardell2006   
Joanne Kerr2007   
Irna Boutkan-Beumer2008   
Ingrid Garrioch2009   


Weavers day out

On the 17th of June 2023, members and partners of the Aberdeen Weavers Incorporation enjoyed their annual away day.

Setting off to Johnshaven, they participated in an interactive art session at Rebecca Westguard – In The Flesh with artist Rebecca Westguard followed by lunch at The Anchor Hotel.

Afterwards an interesting tour of Johnshaven Heritage Hub Museum was given by Susan Madden. …

Ms Elaine Gowans – Burgess of Trade admission

At a ceremony held at the Town House on Wednesday the 14th of June in the presence of the Lord Provost, Deacon Convener and members of the Aberdeen City Council, our newest member Ms Elaine Gowans was admitted as a Burgess of Trade along with five other members.

Ms Elaine Gowans and Deacon Martin Wiseman

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Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation Election 2022

On the evening of the 7th of October 2022, an election meeting was held for the Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation.

New office bearers are as follows: Deacon Martin Wiseman, Boxmaster Neil Armour, First Master Peter Murray and Late Deacon Adam Byrne.

A 7 course Election Dinner was held afterwards.

We wish them all the very best with their terms in office.

Boxmaster Neil Armour, Deacon Martin Wiseman, First Master, First Master Peter Murray and Late Deacon Adam Byrne

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Career Enhancement Awards 2022

On the 7th of November, the Aberdeen Weaver Incorporation hosted their annual Career Enhancement Awards in conjunction with Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen.

The Winner of the Kilgour Medal for 2022 was Anja Blake and runner up was Grace Angus, both with outstanding work.

Career Enhancement Awards

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Admissions of Burgess of Trade

On the 5th March 2018 at a meeting of the commencement of a full council meeting at Aberdeen’s Towns House, Graeme Cheyne and Iain Hunter of the Shoemakers Incorporation and Peter Murray of the Weavers Incorporation were admitted as Burgesses of Trade.  In the absence of the Deacon Convener George Esson, Ex Deacon Convener David N Parkinson proposed all for full membership.  Having met the requirements laid down and paid the appropriate dues to the Lord Provost they confirmed to abide by the rules and responsibilities of a city Burgess.

2016 Career Enhancement Awards

The following article is taken from the Robert Gordon University website and was written by Jonathon Milne, the Communications Officer.

(L to R): Kirsty Brownlee, Deacon Ian Dale, Laura UkstinaA historic North-East trade body has hosted an award presentation in honour of the talented students at Gray’s School of Art.

The Weaver Incorporation, one of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, have been presenting their annual Career Enhancement Awards at Trinity Hall since 1987.

Each year, the award is given to an outstanding student on the Fashion & Textiles degree course at Gray’s and it reflects the commitment of the Weaver Incorporation towards supporting the development of skills and helping students prepare for a career in textiles.

The 2016 prize was won by Kirsty Brownlee, with Laura Ukstina receiving the runners-up award, at a ceremony hosted by Deacon Ian Dale.

Weavers Career Enhancement Awards 2015

L-R Rebecca Moir, Ian Dale and Joanna O'Brien
L-R Rebecca Moir, Ian Dale and Joanna O’Brien

Aberdeen Weavers continue commitment to further careers of talented Gray’s students

An Aberdeen trade body has committed to helping further the careers of students at Gray’s School of Art for at least another decade.

The Weavers Incorporation, one of the seven incorporated trades of Aberdeen, announced that it will continue to present its annual Career Enhancement Award to students for at least a decade at this year’s presentation ceremony at Trinity Hall.

The awards have been presented to outstanding students on the Fashion and Textiles degree course at Gray’s since 1987 and reflect the commitment of the Weavers Incorporation towards supporting the development of skills and helping prepare students for a career in textiles.

The 2015 prize was won by Joanna O’Brien, with Rebecca Moir receiving the runners’-up award. …

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