TailorsArms-150x150The evolution of the trades has been exemplified by the tailors in the city of Aberdeen. Eminent names from the turn of the 15th century included Willelmus Blacberd and Willelmus Scissor, among the leaders in their chosen field.

The tailors first formed a trade association as part of their bid to prevent women from encroaching on their profession. In time the Aberdeen members changed their stance, making concessions in the 18th century to allow women to make some garments for the female market. It was the only association in Scotland to reach that compromise.

Modern manufacturing and retail patterns have transformed the tailor from necessity to luxury, but the trade in Aberdeen has adapted and through admission from a variety of sectors is integral to the vibrancy and diversity of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:



Gordon Maitland1963 Alexander Anderson1992 Philip Sainsbury 2010
Alan Sainsbury1966 David N. Parkinson1994 Richard Sainsbury 2010
Arthur F. George1983 Edwin Shaw1994 Alan Moir 2021
David A. Fowlie1984 Michael Allen1998 Ms. Josie Steed2022
Michael R. Morrice1988 Derek Simpson1998 Richard H. D. Cairney2023
Giancarlo T. Pia1988 Kevin Brown2005   
Ian T. Webster1988 Garry Thorpe2009   


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Tailors Annual Quiz 2024

An evening of laughs and being quizzed on our knowledge (or lack of in some cases!)

Over £1500 was raised towards the Tailors Awards which is an award scheme supporting students of Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen. There are submissions which are judged by a panel of Tailors and a monetary award is given to both the winner and runner up to help them on their way to achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Thanks to compere Steven J Innes, quiz writer Alan Moir, markers Deacon Philip Sainsbury and Ex Deacon Richard Sainsbury, our resident DJ Late Deacon Alan Law and Boxmaster David N Parkinson for organising the quiz.

Thank you to  to Fyfe Moir & Associates for sponsoring the quiz.

Tailors Quiz Night

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Tailors Awards

The Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation were delighted to have students from Gray’s School of Art present their wonderfully creative garments for the Tailors Awards on the 13th of March.

A huge congratulations to Kelsey Greig who won and runner up Caitlin Brobyn.

Last year’s winner Katie Prest and runner up Mhiara MacKenzie shared their experiences since winning the award and the impact it has had on their confidence and also financially to attend various educational events in line with their passions.

Students were then on hand to answer questions and give a background to their pieces. …

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NESCol Art and Design, Fashion and Textiles and Visual Communication

The Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation were delighted to host the NESCol Art and Design, Fashion and Textiles and Visual Communication at Trinity Hall on the 6th of March for the Aberdeen Tailors Incorporation’s  NESCOL Fashion Development Award.

Our HND Textile Year 1 Students presented to the Tailors Incorporation. Each group presented their work and garments in the hope of winning the Tailors Award. Some amazing and creative pieces were presented along with a background to how each garment came together. …

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Tailors donation to Living Well Cafe

With funds raised from their Dinner Dance on the 1st of December 2023, The Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation were thrilled to donate an amazing £1250 to the Living Well Café.

Deacon Philip Sainsbury and Boxmaster David N Parkinson met with Jeanette Abel and Linda Rendall from the charity to present the cheque.

Living Well aim to improve the physical, emotional and social wellbeing for the lonely and isolated and also for those living with dementia, and their carers, within our communities.

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Tailors Dinner Dance – 01.12.23

On the 1st of December 2023, the Aberdeen Tailor Incorporation celebrated their annual Dinner Dance at Trinity Hall.

The Major Hall looked stunning with decorations created by Hazlehead Primary School in partnership with their Parent council who have been working with pupils to develop their creativity through art. Their inspiration came from the outdoors with the baubles reflecting the individual creativity of each pupil. Designs ranged from The Grinch to a Christmas pudding and the lights gave an added sparkle highlighting the electricity they can feel when learning to be creative.

A delicious meal as always was had courtesy of our resident chef Richie Gavryluk, and a great dance was held afterwards with the Last Resort Band.

The wonderful suit napkins with the roses in the lapel were prepared by Monika at Trinity Hall.

Tailors Dance 2023

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