ShoemakersArms-150x150With the motto ‘Lord crown us with glory’, the shoemakers belong to a trade steeped in tradition. Their patron saints are the St Crispian and St Crispinian – brothers said to have settled in the 3rd Century to preach the gospel and who, according to legend, worked as shoemakers by night.

It has been said that the angels supplied St Crispian and St Crispinian with materials for their work – with French shoemakers naming their tools of the trade in their honour. October 25, the date on which they were martyred, remains a special anniversary for the trade across the world.

Commonly known as cordiners, the shoemakers were among the earliest members of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen in 1484 and today maintain their place at the heart of the modern organisation whilst never losing sight of their heritage.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:


Lewis L. Stuart1984Albert Thomson2004Iain Hunter2016
John M. Bruce1992Brian Scott2006Barney Crockett2017
Mervyn R. Donald1992David A. Suttie2009Francis Kiernan2020
Richard J. Harwood1993James A. Graham2012Stuart Cordiner2020
J. Alastair Milne1994Alastair D. Hunter2012Graham Findlay2020
Christopher E. M. Watson1996David A. Ross2013Miss Sarah Machray2021
Robert J. C. Bain2000Mark McCue2015Mark Campbell2021
Brian D. Donald2003Alastair Walker2015  
Graeme McKenzie2003Graeme Cheyne2016  


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