HammermensArms-150x150The Hammermen originally comprised craftsmen associated with metalworking – or “men who wield the hammer” in more poetic terms. Members came from a variety of established trades, with everyone from blacksmiths and goldsmiths to clockmakers lending their experience and expertise.

Sword-makers and armourers are also part of the history of the Hammermen, along with the lorimers who crafted the bits worn by horses through the generations. Goldsmiths, tinsmiths and pewterers have also been among the members as well as other surviving trades such as locksmiths.

Today the men of the hammer embrace every aspect of modern engineering across the full spectrum of disciplines. Through the admission of sons of members, a wealth of other trades and professions are also represented within the most senior of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

Cecil A. S. Duncan1959 Leslie W. I. Fraser1993 Bruce Campbell2006
George M. Hepburn1965 Frank Cook1997 David G. Cobban2006
James Stevenson1970 Gordon F. Main1997 Graeme Duncan2009
A. Keith Campbell1972 Malcolm A. McDonald1997 Rennie Rushton2010
David A. Henderson1972 Baird S. Shepherd1997 Edward Day2013
Ronnie D. Finnie1977 William F. Slater1997 Alan Law2014
Kenneth A. Eddie1978 Philip A. Sleigh1997 Kenneth Scott2016
Alexander C. Kirk1980 Brian J. Winton1997 Grant James Simpson2018
Alexander D. Thomson1981 David S. Thomson1998 Greig Morrison2022
William W. Leiper1986 Anthony J. Donald2003   
William M. Glennie1990 Bruce F. Fraser2003   


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