BakersArms-150x150One of the oldest trades known to man, the Bakers have been at the heart of the Aberdeen business community throughout the existence of the Seven Incorporated Trades.

As one of the few professions to have stayed true to its original form, the trade is steeped in history and current members can trace their roots back through the generations as familiar family names remain prominent.

Quality control has always been a key to success in the trade, with each Aberdeen baker historically using a unique identifying stamp to mark their produce. Fines were meted out to those who used inferior flour or who failed to meet stringent regulations on weight – a mark of the attention to detail which is carried throughout all Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen to this day.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

G. Fraser Morrison1968 Norman Hutchison1994 Kevin Leiper 2013
Peter Morrison1968 Duncan Love1995 David Ross2013
Denis Low1978 Graeme Ross1995 Gary Leslie2015
J. George Ross1978 Andrew Leiper2000 Alan Leith2016
J. Clive Sangster1980 John Russell2000 Gregory Russell2017
Alistair A. Rait1984 Jonathan Kelly 2004 Tristan Ross2021
Alexander McKinnon1984 Michael Gillan 2004 David A. Ross2022
Iain W. L. Brown1987 John O’Dowd2007   
Cameron Ross1993 James Strathdee 2010   


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